Growth is not about a one time sale. 

It's about building relationships with your customers. 

Get to your customers' hearts with our growth features

Customer lifetime value (CLV)

In your efforts to keep your online business running you need to have a clear view of how much you spend and how much you make.


CLV gives you the value your business gets from your entire relationship with your customers. Balance this with the costs and see whether you are spending more than making.

How do you measure a customer’s lifetime value?


This section gives you a quick snapshot of the average values you have in your Magento database. The data is shown for different moments in time so that you can always have the trend at your fingertips. 

Balance your own results against the industry benchmark to understand where you stand.

On average, how many orders is a customer placing?

With what AOV?

Retention rate

Are you a one night stand or a loyal partner to your customers?

Your relationship with your customers doesn't stop after the 1st order placed. That's where it starts! 

You need to know how many customers are returning and placing another order to determine the future of your business.

How many customers are returning and placing a second order?

Cohort analysis

You spent so many hours and energy in preparing Black Friday. The results were amazing. At the end of the month, numbers went sky high. But what happened the next months? How many customers came back and placed other orders? What if we told you that less than 10% actually do.

Our product comes with an automated Cohort Analysis that's always up to date. The analysis gives you clarity on the number of new customers acquired monthly, whether they are churning at a slower or faster rate and which are the months that brought the highest number of new customers. 

Cohort analysis segments your customers based on the month of their first purchase and shows you their buying behaviors in the upcoming months.

Revenue by lifetime orders

We segment your customers based on the number of orders they placed in their entire relationship with your online store. 

We then slice the monthly revenue into these groups to understand whether your relying on one-time buyers or loyal ones.

How is revenue distributed among groups of new, returning and loyal customers?


This section shows you a side by side comparison of the number of customers and the revenue they produced within a selected timeframe. 

Is the biggest chunk of revenue generated by the 1-time-order customers? You may need to rethink your retention strategy.

Who is contributing to your revenue?

eCommerce Growth Trend

The growth trend is a financial analysis that looks at the monthly revenue and returns the Year over Year and Month over Month results. By adding YoY Growth Rate you understand whether you're experiencing a positive or a negative growth trend.

Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) Segmentation

RFM segmentation is one of the smartest ways to know your customers. It takes the raw data from your Magento and builds customer personas on which you can act in a relevant manner. 

By looking at the recency of the last order, the frequency of orders and monetary values of all orders placed, RFM segmentation assigns a score to each customer and creates customer groups of different value for your store. 

Growth Engine for Magento comes with an integrated RFM segmentation which is automated, personalized for your shop history and customizable.

How is your revenue fluctuating?

Who is buying the most from you? Who are your loyal customers? Or the ones you will lose?

We take care of the number crunching so that you can focus on building relevant marketing campaigns for your customers.

Automated customer segmentation

This is not a "one size fits all" system. Our RFM segmentation is built on your numbers and will reflect your reality.

It's personalized

Go creative! Build your own. Although we come with a recommended segmentation, you can always create your own.

It's customizable

Step 1

Step 3

As with any love relationship, your customers go through different love stages with your online store.  Below you have our recommended segmentation but you can always build your own story.

Here are the 11 RFM Groups that we recommend

They bought less than 30 days ago, the most often, the highest value


They bought within the last 90 days, enough times and for good value.

They bought less than 30 days ago, few orders, of high value.

Love of your life

True Lover

Passionate new guy









They bought within the last 90 days, few orders, but high value

They bought within the last 180 days, relatively often, of small and high values.

They bought within the last 90 days, few orders, of OK values

The Flirt

The Potential Lover

The Platonic Friend










Their last order placed was within a year

They bought more than 1 year ago, 1-2 orders but of very high value

They bought more than 1 year ago, of good value

The About to dump you

Don Juan

The Ex-Lover










They bought within the last 90 days, low to medium number of orders of low and very low values

They bought more than 1 year ago, of very low values

The Apprentice

The Break-up







= Recency

= Frequency

= Monetary


The Growth Engine for Magento is integrated with Omniconvert web personalization platform and with Magento customer groups, empowering eCommerce managers to give special treatments to their most important customer segments through their website, in real-time or via email and ads.

Growth Engine for Magento / Omniconvert integration. 

Creating an Overlay for an RFM segment  (True Lovers)

Growth Engine for Magento / Magento Customer Groups integration. 

Generating an emailing list for an RFM segment  (True Lovers)